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Lucni hora Mountain

Lucni hora Mountain
vlevo Sněžka - vpravo Luční hora louka s pozadím Luční hory
Svatopetrská 173, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
Phone: +420 499 523 656
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Lucni hora (1555 m a.s.l.) is the second highest mountain in the Krkonose and lies some 5.5 km northwest of Pec pod Snezkou and 4 km east of Spindleruv Mlyn. Its summit is bare, flat and relatively large. The less steep northern and eastern side is covered in large block seas and the steep erosion slopes on the western and southern side of the mountain are divided into ridges alternating with short valleys and troughs. The mountain lies in Zone I of the Krkonossky National Park.