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Microclimatic Salt Cave in Jilemnice

Microclimatic Salt Cave in Jilemnice
solná Jilemnice 1 solná Jilemnice 2 solná Jilemnice 3 solná Jilemnice 4
Jungmannova 146, 514 01 Jilemnice
Phone: (00420) 481 544 068
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The salt cave is a place of quiet and relaxation. The visitors enter in ordinary dress and receive disposable shoe covers at the reception. The therapy takes 45 minutes in comfortable adjustable seats. Relaxation is accompanied by pleasant music and coloured lights. All of these aspects help overall relaxation. One hour in a salt cave can be compared to two to three days at the sea. The salt, designed specifically for this facility, is deemed to be the most valuable source of health and beauty thanks to the high content of minerals and micronutrients. The unique microclimate in the salt cave is characterised by the exceptional bacteriological purity of the air. The air in the salt cave is saturated with particles of minerals and micronutrients, whose gradual release has a very positive effect on the mental and overall condition of children and adults. Besides the negative ionisation, which has beneficial effects on man, the air in the salt cave is enriched with particles of iodine, potassium, sodium, calcium, selenium, bromine and many other elements. Staying in a salt cave has a positive effect on the treatment of many diseases, such as long-term diseases of the nose, throat and larynx, asthma, respiratory diseases, long-term and recurring inflammations, chronic bronchitis, skin diseases, such as psoriasis, dermatitis, allergies and eczema, high blood pressure, etc. However, therapy in a salt cave is designed not only for people with certain diseases but is also recommended to sportsmen as a regeneration cycle complement. It is very suitable for little children who are exposed to adverse effects of the surrounding environment just like adults. A salt cave is a place where clean air can be breathed in which is saturated with microelements that are beneficial to man’s health. Without having to travel to the sea, you can enjoy a microclimate which is similar to that at the sea. Salt caves help those who want to take proper care of their health and allow them to relax and rest. Therapy in a maritime climate is very important for us, Central Europeans, and almost necessary, due to various diseases of affluence.