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Zlata vyhlidka Viewing Tower

Zlata vyhlidka Viewing Tower
Na Zlaté vyhlídce Zlatá vyhlídka
U Zlaté vyhlídky, 54225 Janské Lázne
Phone: (00420) 775 183 134
Map: View

This iron tower at an altitude of 806 m a.s.l. was opened in 2008. It is 22 m in height and takes 70 steps to climb. It offers beautiful views of the Broumovsko region, the Orlicke Mountains, the Podkrkonosi area including Zvicina and Kumburk hills, and the adjacent parts of the Krkonose, including Cerna hora and Janska hora mountains. The viewing tower is located near Hoffmanova chalet and the U Zlate vyhlidky hotel. It is freely accessible.

Opening hours:
Volně přístupná.