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Wang Church

Wang Church
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Dolní Malá Úpa 129, 542 27 Malá Úpa
Phone: (00420) 499 891 112
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This wooden Protestant church can be seen on the Polish side of the Krkonose, in the upper parts of the town of Karpacz. It was brought here from the Norwegian town of Vang, where it had been built in 1175. By 1841 it had become too small for the Norwegian settlers, who decided to have a new brick church built. They originally wanted to sell the old church as firewood, but a Norwegian painter, Johan Christian Dahl, a professor at the Academy of Creative Arts in Dresden, appeared at the auction and decided to save the church. It was eventually moved to the Royal Museum in Berlin with the support of the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV, who had communicated with Countess von Redern. She mentioned that the Evangelical citizens in the mountain villages in her demesne needed a new church. The building was moved piece by piece in the spring of 1842 to Legnica and from there via Jelenia Gora to Karpacz. A new spire was added and the church was consecrated in 1844. It is a so-called stave church, where the roof truss is carried by tall posts instead of external walls. Once they have been processed, they are left for 12 years exposed to rain and wind, and then impregnated with wood coal tar. After this treatment, the posts can be used for over 800 years.