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Upsky Waterfall

Upsky Waterfall
Úpský vodopád
188, 542 21 Pec pod Snežkou
Phone: 00420 499 736 280
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Upsky waterfall is divided into the Horni (Upper) and Dolni (Lower) Upsky waterfall. Horni Upsky waterfall with its 120 m of gradient ranks among the highest in the Krkonose. The waterfall head has an approx. 30° incline and three steps of the same size. It is followed by the intermediate step which ends up at a 70° incline. Dolni Upsky waterfall can be found half a kilometre from Horni Upsky waterfall, in a 160 m long stretch where the river flows on very steep and hard rock. Upsky waterfall ends in Upska rokle, a gorge created in Upska jama valley near Obri dul valley above Pec pod Snezkou.