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Stone Crucifix near House No. 42

Stone Crucifix near House No. 42
Kříž u č.p. 42 Kříž u č.p. 42
Prostřední Lánov čp. 39, 543 41 Lánov
Phone: +420 499 432 083
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The sandstone crucifix, dating back to 1807, includes a kneeling woman holding a cross which is linked to the following legend: “In 1802 or 1805, Russian troops marched through Lanov toward Hostinne. The landlord of farmstead No. 63, now No. 42, had a nice horse cart, then a rare thing. The landlord was ordered to transport a high Russian officer across the River Labe at the place where the iron bridge in Prosecne is now. The water was deep and the landlord hesitated. The officer forced him with his sabre. In the middle of the stream the cart was seized by the water, the officer died and the farmer narrowly escaped. The public stated that the farmer had intended to drown the officer to take his money. Some claimed that the officer was a regimental treasurer. The farmer was sentenced and taken away and what happened to him isn’t known. Later he was found not guilty, in remembrance of which this crucifix was made.”