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Sněžka 4 Sněžka  1 Sněžka   2 Sněžka  3 Poštovna Sněžka
188, 542 21 Pec pod Snežkou
Phone: 00420 499 736 280
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The most imposing mountain north of the Alps and east of the Carpathians, the highest mountain of the Czech Republic, is 1602 m high. Snezka is beautiful, modelled by glaciers. While other Czech, Moravian and Silesian mountains are more rounded and friendly-looking, Snezka has a self-assured look, just like a hard-to-climb mountain. Whoever ascends the mountain on foot or by cable car will appreciate the undisturbed view of the Czech Basin and the wide Polish plains. In winter you should put on good clothing, as the dominating mountain is accompanied by a harsh mountain climate. There is a post office on the mountain summit with a tradition stretching back to 19. century, when it was established.