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Municipal Museum in Zacler

Municipal Museum in Zacler
Muzeum Žacléř 2 Muzeum Žacléř interiér Muzeum Žacléř interiér 2 Městské muzeum Žacléř 3 Muzeum Žacléř 4 Muzeum Žacléř 5 Muzeum Žacléř 6 Muzeum Žacléř 7 Muzeum Žacléř 8 Muzeum Žacléř 9 Muzeum Žacléř - muzejní noc
Rýchorské náměstí 10, 542 01 Žacléř
Phone: 00420 499 739 225
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The Municipal Museum in Zacler occupies the 1st floor of the town’s building on the main square. It features four independent exhibitions, featuring titles in Czech, German and Polish, which present the interesting history of the town and its environs, and important personalities in the town’s history. Other halls offer exhibitions on mining and local ethnography. The museum acquired new exhibition halls in 2000 and 2004 to hold approximately five exhibitions on specific topics every year. They are used to display works by artists of various disciplines, present specific topics of the town’s history or personalities that are only briefly mentioned in the permanent exhibition. Admission to the permanent exhibition and temporary exhibition: 35 CZK, 25 CZK Admission to the temporary exhibition only: 20 CZK, 15 CZK Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm April, November: Tuesday to Friday 10am to 4pm