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Mt. Olive Chapel

Mt. Olive Chapel
Olivetská kaple Olivetská kaple Hostinné
Náměstí 70, 543 71 Hostinné
Phone: +420 499 404 746
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The Mt. Olive Chapel was built in 1777 by a local citizen, Jan Finger, following an idea by Frantisek Matzak of Ottenburg, who was the main benefactor of the building works. The chapel’s interior includes five sandstone statues with polychromy: Jesus Christ praying on Mount Olive, kneeling in front of a statue of an angel who holds a cross and the chalice of bitterness, the symbolic depiction of Christ’s sacrifice. The scene includes three sleeping Apostles on a rock surface: St. Peter, St. John and St. James. The whole sculpture is most probably a work by the sculptor Martin Jelinek the Younger. The walls are decorated with a Baroque fresco which depicts the Jerusalem landscape, Judas and a group of soldiers taking the arrested Christ out of the city gates. After being covered with a new painting in the 19th century, the fresco was only recently discovered as part of conservation works in 2001. The Mt. Olive Chapel has the status of a National Cultural Monument and is perceived by experts as a unique architectural work, probably the largest of its kind in Central Europe.