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Divci kameny Rock Formations

Divci kameny Rock Formations
Dívčí kameny Dívčí kameny - zima
Svatopetrská 297, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
Phone: 00420 499 433 407
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Divci kameny (Girls’ Stones), and the nearby Muzske kameny (Men's Stones), are situated on the Polish border on the red-marked Czech-Polish Friendship tourist path above Medvedi dul valley, some 3 km from Spindlerova chalet. These rock formations decorate the otherwise unchanging relief of the Krkonose massif, where flat surfaces prevail. These granite formations are referred to as tors, or castle koppies if they are larger. Divci kameny and Muzske kameny are among the most popular rock cliffs in the Czech part of the Krkonose and emerged during the Mesozoic and Tertiary eras, when erosion disturbed and removed the less resistant surrounding rocks, laying bare granite core blocks that had been hidden deep underground. The revealed granite rocks were typically cleaved by frost into angular shapes which, by further weathering, gradually changed into the smoothened loaf-like shapes that can be seen today.