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Column of the Virgin Mary (Plague Column)

Column of the Virgin Mary (Plague Column)
Mariánský (Morový) sloup Mariánský sloup
Náměstí 70, 543 71 Hostinné
Phone: +420 499 404 746
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The Column of the Virgin Mary, also referred to as the Plague Column, can be seen in the middle of the main square in Hostinne. It is an early Baroque sculpture, created in 1678 following an order from Sibille Lamboy, the governor’s wife, who sought to protect the town from plague. The column base is hexagonal, with statues of saintly patrons in the corners: St. Anthony, St. Johann of Nepomuk, St. Roch, St. Francis, St. Sebastian and St. Ignatius. The niche in the lower part is occupied by a statue of St. Rosalia sleeping, the patron of whose suffering from plague. The column also bears the coats of arms of the Lamboy family, and the Virgin Mary, Protector of Children. Another statue of the Virgin Mary is also located in the top part of the column.