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Church of St. Wenceslas

Church of St. Wenceslas
Kostel sv. Václava
Krakonošovo náměstí 72, 541 01 Trutnov
Phone: +420 499 818 245
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This church is first mentioned in historical records in 1313 and has changed over the centuries. It now features Gothic vaulting over the presbytery with wedge-shaped vault ribs, a wooden Renaissance ceiling with carvings and remains of the original painted decorations, and a Baroque high altar dating back to the beginning of the 18th century, designed as a monumental portal with angelic statues, probably from the workshop of renowned sculptor Frantisek Pacak. The Renaissance redesign of the church was made after a project by Italian architect Carol Valmadi in 1581. The valuable 1.3 ton tower bell was made in the workshop of bell maker Martin Schrott of Hostinne in 1609. Among the most valuable furnishings are an early Gothic stone baptismal font, skilfully carved pulpit and a wooden epitaph with polychromy, relating to the royal gamekeeper of Trutnov, Kaspar Nuss. The coloured epitaph depicts several kneeling characters with clasped hands, including Nuss himself, his seven sons, daughter and wife, all of them below a relief of the Biblical scene of the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mount Tabor.