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Chapel of St. Hubertus Benecko

Chapel of St. Hubertus Benecko
Kaple sv. Huberta
Benecko 190, 51237 Benecko
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Architect Jan Dostal designed a structure on an elliptical floor plan with a convex recess for the front entrance. The gable above the entrance is decorated with a relief of the village’s coat of arms carved in sandstone. The roof top bears a bell tower with the traditional onion-shaped turret and a cross, giving the structure a total height of 12 m. The large altar painting is the work of Dr. Milos Gerstner and was conceived on the motif of St. Hubertus: A red deer in the middle of the scene with a shining cross between the antlers; St. Hubertus as a hunter, with a spear and dogs in the left part of the painting, kneeling and amazed by the apparition; a grey-haired monk standing in the right part of the painting; and a doe and a hermit’s hut behind the monk. According to an old legend, a hermit used to live in Poustka with a young red deer and a doe. The bell tolls every morning at 7 a.m., at noon and at 8 p.m.