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Baroque Sculptures

Baroque Sculptures
Barokní sochy Jilemnice
Masarykovo náměstí 140, 514 01 Jilemnice
Phone: +420 481 541 008
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This square is located on a medieval plan view and has been the core of our town for centuries. Here you can see: Empire fountain The fountain dates back to 1836; it used to serve as a source of drinking water and also as a reservoir of water for hand fighting the fire. The fountain is richly decorated. In the middle of it there is a pillar with gargoyles in a shape of lions´ heads on all four sides. Above the gargoyles on a moulding, there is a decorated Empire vase ended with a rich rosette. The fountain in Masaryk Square is a significant dominant feature of the square and a valuable technical monument. Baroque sculptural group of St.Cross The Cross was originally placed in the fields and is accompanied by two older statues of saints - on the left there is st.Jan Nepomucký and on the right there is St.Lawrence. It was Mr.K.Hrubý with his wife who had them made in 1799. After their death the cross was transported from its original place. The statues have looked like this since 1835. Due to heavier and heavier traffic in the square in the late 1930s the statues were shifted a few metres further towards the south. Besides the year there used to be an inscription which was addressed to the Lord. The stone components of the statues are made of red sandstone, the sculptural group was restored in 1985 and there has been no other need to restore it again until now. This sculptural group represents another significant and valuable dominant feature of the central square in Jilemnice. Statue of Virgin Mary This statue dates back to 1723. Its location in the south-west part of Masaryk Square in Jilemnice, in front of the town-hall, is documented in a map from 1765. On a rectangular base there is a tube-like communion table. During big festivities the Holy Masses were celebrated here. The Statue of Virgin Mary is elevated; on her right-hand side there is St.Barbora and on her left there is Mary Magdalene. The whole sculptural group is obviously influenced by a famous sculptor M.B.Braun. Another dominant feature of the square is the town-hall adjusted in the classicist style after the great fire of 1788. In its tower there is a unique clock “Repeater“. The clock strikes 1020 times a day.