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Culture Centre in Zacler

Culture Centre in Zacler
Kulturní dům Žacléř Kulturní dům Žacléř2
Komenského 143, 542 01 Žacléř
Phone: +420 499 776 371
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The culture centre in Zacler has always aimed at renewing the cultural life in the border area. Its activities should bring new life to this specific region to spare it from staying isolated. Everyone who helps to bring the idea to life seeks to enable people in this picturesque submontane region to re-establish cultural life, get involved in various social events and enjoy high-quality culture. Mining days, the Feast of St. Barbara, Good wine days, children’s events, musical performances, dance parties, combined programmes, theatre and puppet performances or specific sales events are just a fraction of the huge potential which the premises of the culture centre in Zacler offer.