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From Spindlerova Chalet to Petrova Chalet

From Spindlerova Chalet to Petrova Chalet
Ze Špindlerova Mlýna na Petrovu boudu
Krkonošská 8, 543 01 Vrchlabí
Phone: +420 499 405 744

This track, suitable for a short trip, is easy to access. Disability card holders will obtain a free permit to drive and to use the car park near Spindlerova chalet from the operator of the gate at the end of Spindleruv Mlyn. The track is suitable for seniors and people with walking sticks. It is accessible for baby prams and electric wheelchairs; given the lengthy ascent, people in mechanical wheelchairs will appreciate an assistant. The track begins in the car park near Spindlerova chalet. You can ask the officer at the gate at the end of Spindleruv Mlyn to issue you a permit for your car so you can drive and use the car park near Spindlerova chalet for free. The path from the car park to Petrova chalet is stony and has drainage channels. It is therefore necessary to go back 400 m along the road to the intersection and turn right onto a less often used wide asphalt road which ends at Petrova chalet, which unfortunately was closed during the time the survey for this material was taken. The track length, counting both directions, is 4 km, with a 140 m rise. Note: this track is short, but includes passages with steep ascents and descents. Some passages are marked in red, other passages are not marked. The whole track runs along asphalt roads. You can enjoy magnificent views of the central parts of the Krkonose and Poland from the ridges in good weather. 1. Spindlerova Chalet The recently reconstructed hotel can be found at the track's beginning. It has barrier-free access to both the hotel and the restaurant. Unfortunately, the toilets and other sanitary facilities are not barrier-free. The building offers a wide range of sports activities and is suitable for accommodation for seniors and families with babies.