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From Spindleruv Mlyn to Labsky dul Valley

From Spindleruv Mlyn to Labsky dul Valley
Ze Špindlerova Mlýna do Labského Dolu
Krkonošská 8, 543 01 Vrchlabí
Phone: +420 499 405 744

This track runs right along the bank of the River Labe (the Elbe) and offers lovely views of the Krkonose Mountains and the Maly Labsky waterfall. The track is suitable for seniors and people with walking sticks. It is accessible for baby prams and electric wheelchairs and, with good physical condition, for those in mechanical wheelchairs, as a higher rise must be overcome at the end of the track. The track begins next to the P3 car park in Spindleruv Mlyn, near the chairlift station to Medvedin hill. The track has blue tourist marking and the entire track length runs along an asphalt surface. It offers beautiful views of the Krkonose. Relics of the glacial moraine can be seen at the bottom of the glacial valley together with the Maly Labsky waterfall. The track length, counting both directions, is 10 km, with a lengthy mild ascent and a 200 m rise. The track ends in Labsky dul valley at the Maly Labsky waterfall and meets the end of the “Keep Fit!” track designed for recreational runners. The track has the following alternative route: You can use the central car park near the bus station as the starting point, and the seasonal visitors’ centre can be accessed via an asphalt road on the left-hand river bank of the Labe, which will make the track 1 km longer in one direction. The Savoy Hotel along the track is fully barrier-free and also offers accommodation for the handicapped. ‘Pod Medvedinem’ Chalet The building is accessible for seniors and families with children. Those in wheelchairs can be served on the open-air terrace. The Savoy Hotel The Savoy Hotel is fully barrier-free, with a barrier-free restaurant and sanitary facilities, and is among the few hotels that offer accommodation to the handicapped. Labuznik Restaurant This pleasant restaurant with a summer terrace and a minigolf course offers food to people in wheelchairs and is easy-to-access for seniors and families with babies.