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From Pomezni Boudy via Mala Upa to Spaleny Mlyn

From Pomezni Boudy via Mala Upa to Spaleny Mlyn
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Dolní Malá Úpa 129, 542 27 Malá Úpa
Phone: (00420) 499 891 112
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This track is situated at a higher altitude, in good weather it offers picturesque views of Snezka, the highest Czech mountain, and helps to bring you closer to the nature of the Krkonose. The track is only suitable for physically skilled tourists. It is accessible for baby prams and electric wheelchairs with a higher degree of caution. For those in mechanical wheelchairs, it is only accessible with good physical condition and using an assistant. The track can also be used by cars. This mountain track begins in Pomezni Boudy, next to the car park along the border crossing for Poland. The track length, counting both directions, is 5.8 km, with a 140 m rise. It uses red and yellow tourist markings and runs fully along an asphalt road. The track ends at the church of St. Peter and Paul in Dolni Mala Upa. It offers beautiful views of the eastern part of the Krkonose, Pomezni Boudy and Mount Snezka. You can see the old school building next to the church of St. Peter and Paul in Mala Upa or visit the information centre to see the small exhibition on local ethnography. Recommendation: From the car park at the border, take the red-marked path for Nove Domky, then turn for Moravanka chalet, go to the church and back for the same junction near Moravanka, then turn left onto 200 m of unmarked asphalt road, and follow the yellow marking to come back. Attention: The track is used by cars. Some ascents are steep and the curves tight. Pay attention to the short and steep descent from the junction near Moravanka chalet to the church of St. Peter and Paul. The passage is more suitable for electric wheelchairs, while those in mechanical wheelchairs will certainly need an assistant. All other passages are easy to access. The track from the church climbs back to the junction near Moravanka chalet, follow the red-marked path and turn right onto a short unmarked asphalt road to join the yellow path, then take the mild descent to Cerna Voda and the mild ascent back to the car park. The track has the following alternative route: Skip the descent to the church; turn instead at the junction near Moravanka onto the unmarked asphalt road and after 200 m join the yellow tourist path for the car park as described above. 1. Schimmer Guesthouse, Restaurant and Bowling A new guesthouse can be found at the beginning of the track and has a barrier-free entrance to the building and the restaurant, including the toilets. It does not offer accommodation for the handicapped, but is suitable for seniors and families with babies. 2. U kostela Restaurant This restaurant is near the church in Dolni Mala Upa. It does not have a barrier-free entrance, but those in mechanical wheelchairs can enter the building and restaurant with an assistant. Unfortunately, the toilets are not barrier-free. The guesthouse is suitable for seniors and families with babies. 3. Mala Upa Chalet This modern hotel is located in the Pomezni Boudy ski resort. It has a barrier-free entrance including the restaurant and toilets. It offers accommodation for the handicapped in a lounge. The chalet is suitable for all-year-round accommodation of seniors and families with babies.