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Bee Educational Trail of Count Jan Harrach

Bee Educational Trail of Count Jan Harrach
Včelí stezka Včelí stezka 2 Včelí naučná stezka
Rýžoviště 415, 512 46 Harrachov
Phone: (00420) 724 015 209
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The trail begins at the bridge near the Harrachov bus station and continues to Ryzoviste, a part of Harrachov. It has 11 stations which not only present interesting information on the life of bees, but also show beehives, from the oldest known to the most up-to-date ones with living bees. Two hives are glazed to allow the bees to be seen. The trail leads through the Ryzoviste valley along the Ryzi brook in which the hikers can refresh themselves or sit down on the benches in the shade of spruce trees and listen to the bees and the brook gurgle. All the stations are embellished with Krkonose flora to delight all of your senses. The highest point on the trail is a station dedicated to the patron of all bee keepers, St. Ambrose, and offers a beautiful view of the Ryzoviste valley. Visitors can write their impressions in a notebook placed on St. Ambrose’s crucifix. The trail is approx. 3.5 km in length.