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The Bear Trail

The Bear Trail
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Lyžařská 281, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
Phone: (00420) 499 467 101
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If you want to see bears, you are at the right place! Where else but on Medvedín, where else could you encounter them. Although the last bear living in the Czech Giant Mountains was seen in 1726, some of them are here with us this year. Some are just basking in the sun, some like to go on hikes, others love skiing. Take the Bear Trail to become acquainted with our seven friends. Start your trip on the bottom of ski lift station Medvědín. Here you buy your bear lift ticket, receive a map with the route description and a pencil to draw. At the marked points of the designed trail search for bearish signs. Put the box in the lower card part on this sign. Now hatch the bears with the pencil. Trail: Top station of Medvědín - Schmid panoramic - Horní Mísečky - Bufet Stopa - Rock Harrachov - Bobsleigh Trail - Base lift Terminal Medvědín