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Lufťák's path

Lufťák's path
Lufťákova stezka 4 Lufťákova stezka Lufťákova stezka 2 Lufťákova stezka 3 Lufťákova stezka - mapka Lufťákova stezka - letáček Lufťákova stezka - mapa
Benecko 190, 512 37 Benecko
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Have you already heard about revolutionary "air-sucking" in Benecko? Not yet? Don't you know who is "lufťák"? It is a person who enjoys the fresh air in Benecko with his lungs and thanks to this he sharpens his mind. Because oxygenated brain works better! It is hard to relax and do sports in fresh air nowadays, in times of TV, computers, car fumes and smog surroundings. In Benecko you can suck the fresh air with your nostrils as much as you like. Combination of first-rate air and amusement is 2 km long lufťák's path which is full of great stops. Do you like riddles? Are you fancy doing sports? You do not need to be an Olympian athlete or Einsten. Everyone who likes having fun can manage the path. When you finish all interesting stops let's go and take your certificate and sticker with "lufťák" in the information Benecko or the hotel Skalka, hotel Alfonska a Star Hotels. It is enough to answer a quiz question to become "certificated lufťák".