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Spindlerova Chalet - Sněžka

Spindlerova Chalet - Sněžka
Svatopetrská 297, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
Phone: 00420 499 433 407

Spindlerova chalet (cyclo-bus) - red-marked tourist path, Slunecnik formation (1423 m a.s.l.), Slezska chalet (1395 m a.s.l.), Snezka (1602 m a.s.l.) - blue-marked tourist path Lucni chalet (1410 m a.s.l.) - red-marked tourist path, Monument to Victims of the Mountains (1510 m a.s.l.), Vyrovka chalet (1356 m a.s.l.) - green-marked tourist path, Dlouhy dul, Svaty Petr (855 m a.s.l.), Spindleruv Mlyn - main square (720 m a.s.l.). 23 km in length. Slunecnik (also known as Poledni kamen) - a rock formation, directly above which the sun can be seen at noon at certain times of the year from the Polish side of the ridge. A small tower in the rock front resembles a person viewing the valley. A small stone bench built by pioneers of tourism has been preserved here. Slezska chalet - Today’s chalet lies on the site of Panska chalet, which was used in the 17th century for the staff who built the Chapel of St. Lawrence at the top of Snezka. Obri chalet was built in the same place in 1847 and used long after World War Two until it was completely removed in 1982 after long being in a dilapidated state. Snezka - The highest Czech mountain, lying on the Czech-Polish state border. It is surrounded by the Lomnicka valley to the north and Obri dul valley to the south. Features a modern Polish chalet, the 14 m high Chapel of St. Lawrence and the newly built post office building. Studnicni Mountain - At 1554 m a.s.l., this is the third highest mountain in the Krkonose. It lies on the Cesky ridge in the eastern part of the mountains above Obri dul valley. In the north, its mild slopes meet the Bila louka meadow and Upska raselina peat bogs; in the south there are the steep sides of the Obri dul and Modry dul valleys. It is separated by Lucni pass from the neighbouring Lucni Mountain. The eastern sides are important geological and botanical sites, namely the glacial corries of Velka Studnicni jama and Mala Studnicni jama, Certuv hreben, Certova rokle and Certova zahradka. Lucni chalet - The highest located mountain chalet in the country, named after nearby Lucni Mountain. A small chapel in the nearby Lucni pass is dedicated to those who have died in the mountains.