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Pec pod Sněžkou - Sněžka

Pec pod Sněžkou - Sněžka
188, 542 21 Pec pod Snežkou
Phone: 00420 499 736 280

Pec pod Snezkou - main square (769 m a.s.l.), lower cable car station for Snezka (864 m a.s.l.) - cable car - Snezka (1602 m a.s.l.) - red-marked tourist path, Slezska chalet (1395 m a.s.l.) - blue-marked tourist path, Lucni chalet(1410 m a.s.l.) - red-marked tourist path, Monument to Victims of the Mountains (1510 m a.s.l.), Vyrovka chalet(1360 m a.s.l.), ‘Na Rozcestí’ chalet (1350 m a.s.l.) - green-marked tourist path, Severka chalet (1080 m a.s.l.), Pec pod Snezkou (769 m a.s.l.). 9 km in length. Pec pod Snezkou - An important recreational resort for tourism and skiing in the eastern part of the Krkonose, located in the deep valley of the Upa river below Snezka, the highest Czech mountain. Slezska chalet - Today’s chalet lies on the site of Panska chalet, which was used in the 17th century for the staff who built the Chapel of St. Lawrence at the top of Snezka. Obri chalet was built in the same place in 1847 and used long after World War Two until it was completely removed in 1982 after long being in a dilapidated state. Snezka - The highest Czech mountain, lying on the Czech-Polish state border. It is surrounded by the Lomnicka valley to the north and Obri dul valley to the south. Features a modern Polish chalet, the 14 m high Chapel of St. Lawrence and the newly built post office building.