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Pomezni Boudy - Sněžka

Pomezni Boudy - Sněžka
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Dolní Malá Úpa 129, 542 27 Malá Úpa
Phone: (00420) 499 891 112
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Pomezni Boudy (1108 m a.s.l.) - red-marked tourist path, Jelenka chalet, Svorova mountain, Snezka (1602 m a.s.l.) - yellow-marked tourist path, Ruzova mountain (1390 m a.s.l.) - green-marked tourist path, Portasky chalets, Spaleny Mlyn - blue-marked tourist path, Janovy chalets, Velka Upa (755 m a.s.l.). Approx. 20 km in length. Snezka - The highest Czech mountain, lying on the Czech-Polish state border. It is surrounded by the Lomnicka valley to the north and Obri dul valley to the south. Features a modern Polish chalet, the 14 m high Chapel of St. Lawrence and the newly built post office building. Velka Upa - A recreational resort along the valley of the River Upa, between the Penkavci and Vlassky hills. The first records date back to the 16th century. The baroque Church of the Holy Trinity from 1788 and a parsonage from 1823 are worth seeing. Portasky - A mountain chalet in the meadow near the upper station of the chairlift from Velka Upa. Ruzova Mountain - A mountain separated by Ruzove pass from Snezka, a stop on the cable car line to Snezka. Pomezni Boudy - A group of recreational buildings and mountain chalets, located near a border crossing with Poland, established after 1634. Mala Upa - A mountain village with fresh meadows, pastures and rich forests. A border crossing can be used in the upper part of the village in Pomezni Boudy.