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Mala Upa Thousanders

Mala Upa Thousanders
Tisícovky Malé Úpy Výhled Sněžka Výhled Sněžka 2 Jelení hora Svorová hora Kraví hora Lysečinská hora
Horní Malá Úpa 129, 542 27 Malá Úpa
Phone: (00420) 499 891 112

There are 10 mountain peaks higher than 1000 m a.s.l. in Mala Upa and its vicinity. The peaks are marked with top columns and a marking pole. Most of them are close to marked hiking paths, but a few of them can only be reached at the top. If you can get your map marked from all the peaks, you will receive a small present in reward for your efforts from the Information Centre in Mala Upa. 1 Snezka (1602 m a.s.l.) The marking pole at the highest location around Mala Upa can be found near the entrance to the viewing terrace at Ceska postovna chalet. You can reach Mount Snezka on the red-marked ridge trail, or from Spaleny Mlyn via Ruzohorky chalet, or take a longer way via Karpacz, Poland. 2 Svorova hora (1410 m a.s.l.) Svorova hora, also known as Cerna Kupa, lies on the popular red-marked hiking path from Pomezni Boudy to Mount Snezka. The steep incline from Jelenka chalet becomes the undulating Obri hreben ridge beyond the peak, offering the loveliest natural sceneries of Mala Upa. 3 Tabule (1282 m a.s.l.) Lesni hreben ridge, sometimes also known as Smrcinna stran, has two peaks. The main peak is above a rock outcrop with a viewing point offering magnificent views of Mount Snezka and Karpacz. You will reach it on the blue-marked hiking path from Pomezni Boudy or from Sovi sedlo. There is an interesting alternative, climbing from the north from the Tabakova cesta (‘Tobacco Path’) trail. 4 Celo (1269 m a.s.l.) Celo (‘Forehead’), also known as Czolo on the Polish side, is the second peak of Tabule. A steep blue-marked hiking path climbs to the nearest hill from Pomezni Boudy on the state border. On the left, you can see the wide downhill run called Pomezky. The pole is not directly on the peak, but next to the path. 5 Lysecinska hora (1188 m a.s.l.) You can reach it from Pomezni Boudy along the green-marked hiking path called Zelezna cesta (‘the Iron Path’), from Rennerovy boudy chalet via an ascent on the downhill run of the ‘U kostela’ ski resort, or from the south along Pohadkova cesta (‘the Fairy-tale Road’) with a pause at the Pacestnik junction. The peak is between hoarstones marked 18/1 and IV/18. The pole is not directly on the peak, but next to the path. 6 Dlouhy hreben (1085 m a.s.l.) From the Cestnik junction, take a steep limestone-clad path; after the secondary peak turn left onto a grass track. The formerly deforested ridge has been quickly covered in trees, but you will still be able to enjoy beautiful views of Mala Upa and other thousanders. 7 Kravi hora (1072 m a.s.l.) You can reach the more distant peak, offering a 360-degree view, walking from the church along the eastern side of Kravi hora Mountain, and before you come to the Pohadkova stezka (‘Fairy-tale Trail’) station called “How Krakonos Became Friends with People”, you take a forest cut up to the peak. There is an option to come from the northern station of the Fairy-tale Trail, with a view of Pomezni Boudy and Mount Snezka, where orientation is more difficult. 8 Haida (1002 m a.s.l.) // pozor, mapa uvadi jen 988 m.n.m. A large peak cut in half by a forest path, groomed in winter as the cross-country trail of the same name. The highest point is only marked with a pole, located not on the peak but at the edge of a clearing just next to the cross-country track with views of Rottrova bouda chalet and Mount Snezka. 9 Jeleni hora (1172 m a.s.l.)  To reach this, the most distant peak of the ten thousanders, go from the upper corner of the meadow enclave of Simova chalupa chalet where protected folk architecture can be seen. You can take a steep path to an intersection where you turn right and go across the clearing to the forest. Approx. 200 m further, you will find a land survey marker and a pole which marks the peak. The peak is only accessible from 8am to 5pm. 10 Penkavci vrch (1105 m a.s.l.) The peak, located in an old forest, is marked with a footstone, a stone mound and a marking pole. It is best to go along the Penkavci cesta path from Spaleny mlyn. You turn right at the intersection and after a short while turn onto a narrow forest path which will take you to the top. Other roads are in the cleared forest line from the west or via a small village of the same name from the south. All thousanders lie inside the KRNAP area. Please show consideration towards the nature of the Krkonose. Thank you!