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In the Footsteps of Writer Dyk’s Hikes

In the Footsteps of Writer Dyk’s Hikes
Viktor Dyk
Náměstí Dr. Karla Kramáře 227, 512 11 Vysoké nad Jizerou
Phone: +420 481 593 283

This hike begins in the middle of the main square in Vysoke nad Jizerou and mostly follows the green-marked and yellow-marked tourist paths. At first you follow the green-marked tourist path from the square down Lyzarska Street to Sachty. From the ‘Pod Petruskovymi sady’ intersection, the paths turns to Stanovy. Go through the first part of the village, called U Pece. The roadway will take you through a forest and a sharp turn after which the road begins to descend quickly. At the end of the path, you can visit writer Antal Stasek’s (born Antonin Zeman) birth house. From the intersection, the path continues uphill to Navarov. Writer Viktor Dyk used to stay at the U Koldovskych inn on his hikes about Vysoke. A forest path, still green-marked, will take you to the ruins of Navarov castle (be careful around the ruins). We recommend taking the blue-marked tourist path from there and after a short forest passage you can use an unmarked roadway uphill to Navarov Palace with its garden and horse stables, now unfortunately inaccessible by the public. You will perhaps find it a romantic and also thrilling experience to walk through an old tree alley on a yellow-marked tourist path toward Jesenny. After you pass by the small chapel in Jesenny, continue to the intersection, where you turn left and follow the roadway to a turn in Stanovy. There you turn right and the road will take you to the place in Stanovy where you turned downhill to writer Antal Stasek’s birth house. The road back follows the green-marked tourist path to Vysoke nad Jizerou.