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Hadi Viewing Point in Rudnik

Hadi Viewing Point in Rudnik
Hadí stezka Hadí vyhlídka
Rudník 51, 543 72 Rudník
Phone: (00420) 499 440 034

The winding Hadi path (‘Snake path’), almost 1 km long, which steeply rises above the Municipal Authority in Rudnik to Sovi (‘Owl’) hill, offers unusual views of this part of the village and the adjacent foothills of Cerna hora Mountain. Along the path you can use carved wooden benches. At the Hadi viewing point (478 m a.s.l.) at the end of the path, you can continue either to Leopoldov (part of Rudnik) or to Cervena vysina hill, from where the blue-marked tourist path will take you to Hostinne or via Vlcice to Trutnov. The Hadi path was reopened as a historical stone path by a group of local enthusiasts with the support of the Rudnik Municipality in 2013.