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From Harrachov To Orle

From Harrachov To Orle
Z Harrachova na Orle Z Harrachova na Orle Z Harrachova na Orle
Centrum 150, 512 46 Harrachov
Phone: +420 481 529 600

Difficulty: a medium demanding route, with an alternative Route description - by car: Take the major road from Harrachov, towards the border crossing Harrachov - Jakuszyce. Behind the buildings of the former border crossing and Custom House, continue on along the road, for about 1300 m. To the left of the road, you can find parking space (currently free of charge). Route description - for a wheelchair: The route starts at the car park, along the asphalt forest road which crosses the railway connecting Harrachov, Mýtiny, with Polish Szklarska Poreba (the railway should resume service soon). Continue straight along the asphalt forest road (slightly descending), along the green tourist path, as far as the well-known and sought-after crossroad, called Orle. After you have taken the necessary rest, completed your sightseeing of the surroundings, the local restaurant, and former glass-works; the route leads on along the same road, back to the car park in Jakuszyce. An alternative: 13. 0 km, 110 m Suitable for disabled people who are with physically fit company. With respect to a problematic part of the road, (about 200 m). From the restaurant at Orle, continue along the same road, but now follow the red tourist sign. The asphalt road-surface has now been replaced by a stable? forest road. Soon you will cross the Plonka River over a log-built? bridge. At the first crossroad below, turn left, and again you will cross the Plonka River over a corduroy bridge. Continue along the forest path. When the weather turns unfavourable, so too, does the path. Now you are slowly descending to the tourist border crossing (to Bohemia), in the splendid settings of the Jizera River - which, at this stage, creates a national border. Take this same road, back to the Restaurant at Orle.