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From Harrachov to Labe Spring and back

From Harrachov to Labe Spring and back
Z Harrachova k prameni Labe Z Harrachova k prameni Labe 2 Z Harrachova k prameni Labe 3
Harrachov 150, 512 46 Harrachov
Phone: (00420) 481 529 600

This track will take you to the western Krkonose. You will see the town of Harrachov, a major centre of sports and glassmaking; take a trip to the symbolical sources of the River Labe; see where Krakonos -Master of the Krkonose - has breakfast and also stop by the Krkonose’s most powerful waterfall - Mumlavsky. This track starts in Harrachov. You can easily get there by train if you take the cog railway from Korenov to Tanvald. In the summer, you can take the regular Krkonose cyclo-bus lines. From the bus station you follow the blue-marked tourist path toward Mumlavska bouda chalet and the Krakonosova snidane junction. Here you can rest for a while; this junction, as the legend goes, is the place where Krakonos, Master of the Krkonose, has breakfast before taking a tour of his domain. From there you follow the yellow-marked tourist path to Vosecka bouda chalet, which is mentioned as standing in the same place in Vosecka meadow as far back as in 1260, and following the yellow and red-marked paths you will reach Tvaroznik hill. Take the path along the border with Poland for the next 2 km (the so-called Czech-Polish Friendship Path) and then turn off for Labska louka meadow and the sources of the River Labe (the Elbe). This important destination is the symbolic source, marked with stone centring and a stone wall bearing the coats of arms of the towns through which the longest Czech river flows. The true source of the Labe lies a little bit higher. From the source, take the yellow-marked tourist path to the ‘U Ctyr panu’ junction, then join the blue-marked tourist path, which will take you back to Harrachov. Whether on the way there or back, don’t forget to stop by the Mumlavsky waterfall. 22 km, 8 hours Reinforced and loose surface.