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Cestou česko – polského přátelství na Sněžku

Cestou česko – polského přátelství na Sněžku
Cestou česko-polského přátelství Cestou česko-polského přátelství 2 Cestou česko-polského přátelství 3 Cestou česko-polského přátelství 4
Svatopetrská 173, 543 51 Špindlerův Mlýn
Phone: (00420) 499 523 656
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The Czech-Polish Friendship Path runs along the border ridge. It runs through pleasant terrain without steep gradients and offers magnificent views. Mount Snezka, the highest Czech mountain, lies on the Path. You can join the Czech-Polish Friendship Path near Spindlerova bouda chalet, which is easy to reach from Spindleruv Mlyn by bus. Follow the red-marked tourist path, which will lead you all the way to Mount Snezka. While on the track, you can stop at Poledni kamen (‘Noon Stone’), which takes its name after the legend that the sun can be seen right above it at noon when viewed from Poland. You can see the valley in Poland with the Maly Staw and Wielki Staw lakes and continue to Slezska bouda chalet. Mount Snezka can be climbed from there either via the red-marked path, which is short but steep, or you can take the blue-marked asphalt path on the Polish side. When you reach the top, don’t forget to visit Postovna Anezka, the highest located Czech post office. When you’ve enjoyed enough views of every corner of the Czech landscape, descend back to Slezska bouda chalet from the top of Snezka. Take the blue-marked tourist path for Lucni bouda chalet, an ideal place to rest, refresh and try the local beer, Parohac. From Lucni bouda, join the red-marked Stara Bucharova path. Before you start to descend to Svaty Petr, stop at the Krakonos viewing point and as a reward you can enjoy a magnificent view of Kozi hrbety ridge. The red-marked path will take you back to Spindleruv Mlyn through the Svaty Petr valley. 20 km, 8 hours