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“Liska” Summer Tourist Trail

“Liska” Summer Tourist Trail
Mumlavský vodopád
Phone: +420 499 421 474

This trail includes eight information panels, a rest place with children’s attractions and magnificent views of the surrounding landscape. Parts of the trail run through Zone I and II of the Krkonossky National Park. It will take you to the Mumlavsky waterfall, 10 m in height. Directly under the waterfall, and elsewhere in the riverbed of the River Mumlava, you can see great examples of stone erosion - huge cylinder-like “pots” and fine riverbed surface. The trail continues along the Krakonosova snidane intersection, the ‘U Ctyr panu’ junction, offering a view of the Pancavska louka meadow and the panorama of the central and some parts of the eastern Krkonose, and via the Ruzencina zahradka junction, Dvoracky chalets, the Rucicky junction, Ryzoviste and back to Harrachov. The trail is 20 km long.