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Harrachova Trail – Visit to the Count’s Demesne

Harrachova Trail – Visit to the Count’s Demesne
Harrachova cesta
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The Harrachs were an important aristocratic family related to other aristocratic families. They boast of many important personalities, be they cardinals, diplomats or industrialists. The Harrachs came to the Podkrkonosi region during the Thirty Years’ War in 1632, after purchasing the chateau in Horni Branna. Even though they acquired extensive property elsewhere in Bohemia, Hungary and Austria, their main residence was usually here. There were well educated, entrepreneurial and good land managers, and they brought prosperity to the western parts of the Krkonose. In the 18th century the yarn and linen from Jilemnice were exported to Harlem, Amsterdam, Venice and Genoa. In the 19th century glassmaking in Harrachov gained worldwide repute. People most remembered Jan Nepomuk Frantisek, Count Harrach (1828-1909), a patriotic aristocrat and an excellent landlord. He supported the beginnings of tourism in the Krkonose. He built forest paths, pleasure restaurants and the viewing tower on Zaly Mountain. He was the first to bring skis to Bohemia, to be used by his workers. He was acute enough to declare the first Krkonose nature reserve in 1904. A conference of foresters which he organised in 1879 in Jilemnice was chaired by Count Schwarzenberg in front of almost six hundred attendees. Many horsecarts drove the guests in tours of the Harrach’s demesne. You can follow their trip in this trail. Route: From the Krkonose Museum in Jilemnice, take the yellow-marked tourist path, join cycling track 4206, Kozinec hill, Dolni Sytova - join track 4173, Roprachtice © - join the main roadway to Vysoke nad Jizerou, turn left at the beginning of Roprachtice onto a dirt way to Jilem; from Jilem, follow the yellow-marked tourist path for Hradsko and join main roadway 14 to Ponikla, turn left to leave the main roadway, Stromkovice - join cycling track 8, Jestrabi v Krkonosich © - cycling track 22, Roudnice, turn left, Krizlice, Krizlicke Paseky - join main road 286 to Vitkovice, turn right onto cycling track 9, Dolni Benecko, Stepanicka Lhota - join cycling track 10, Horni Stepanice ©, Mrklov, Krizovky junction - follow the blue-marked tourist path, Valterice © - join the green-marked tourist path, cross main roadway 14, follow the path to Jilemnice ©. The track is 55 km long and runs along asphalt, reinforced and dirt roads.