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‘Krakonos’ Theatre Company

‘Krakonos’ Theatre Company
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Vysoké nad Jizerou 302, 512 11 Vysoké nad Jizerou
Phone: +420 481 593 408
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The Krakonos theatre company is based in Vysoke nad Jizerou, the town with the longest amateur theatre tradition in the whole country, going back to 1786. Perhaps the longest interval in the history of the amateur theatre in Vysoke nad Jizerou was as a consequence of a big fire in the town on 29 July 1934, in which the theatre rooms in the former town hall also burnt down. However, it only took less than two years to renew performing. A puppet theatre was established alongside the Krakonos company in 1924 and one year later it moved from the town hall to the newly built theatre, named after the company. The ensemble has around 110 members now. Besides performances hosted elsewhere, both troupes give around 10 performances on their home stage each year, of which between one and three are premieres. The functional theatre building is rudimentary. The theatre in Vysoke nad Jizerou was built by the company members in 1925 and the company acquired it again in 1991 after decades when private ownership was disallowed. It was fully restored in 2006-2008 as regards the exterior and some interior furnishings and technical equipment. The company also organises other than theatre events, such as an annual theatre ball, children’s masquerade ball, children’s day, etc. However, the greatest theatre event, held every year since 1971 under the name of the Krakonos’s Theatre Autumn, is the National Parade of countryside theatre ensembles, co-organised by the Vysoke company.