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Yellow Point – Electric Scooters

Yellow Point – Electric Scooters
Svatopetrská 125, 54351 Špindlerův Mlýn
Phone: (00420) 731 160 152

Discover new ways of moving about. With the Hugo Goo electric scooter, you can ride up to 85 km solely on electrical power. If you also use your legs, the distance you can cover is much greater and you can experience Spindleruv Mlyn and its surroundings on full-day trips. It is certainly not a slow machine. The electric motor has about one-third of the power of an ordinary car engine. This provides you with a cool and modern way of experiencing the mountain tops where you can ride without strain. When riding downhill, you can recuperate some electrical energy. No licence is required to ride a scooter. There is nothing to stop you and your friends from enjoying this experience. Several bikes with a kid’s seat are available for parents with children.