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Cernohorske Peat Bogs Educational Trail

Cernohorske Peat Bogs Educational Trail
Černohorské rašeliniště
nám. Míru 223, 543 01 Vrchlabí
Phone: +420 499 421 474
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This educational trail offers magnificent panoramic views from Cerna bouda chalet and the Hubertova viewing point. It will take you through peat bogs which are, unusually for the Krkonose, located in a forest. A causeway and a wooden viewing tower will help you to get closely acquainted with these six thousand year old peat bogs. Information on the peat bogs is available from six stations with information panels. Typical peat bog plants can be seen here, such as the peat moss, Few-flowered sedge (Carex pauciflora), Mud sedge (Carex limosa), Sheathed cottonsedge (Eriophorum vaginatum), Deer-hair sedge (Trichophorum cespitosum) and others, together with caddisflies (Trichoptera), ground beetles (Carabidae), the Viviparous lizard (Lacerta vivipara) and Black grouse (Tetrao tetrix). The trail length is 3.5 km. The trail is accessible from 1 June to 10 September.