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Krakonosova Trail – Krakonos’ Demesne

Krakonosova Trail – Krakonos’ Demesne
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As you ascend, notice how the nature around you changes. The foothills and valleys are suitable for broadleaved trees, especially beeches, and the higher you go the more hardy species, mainly spruce, appear. Higher up, on flat hill tops where cold winds prevail and the soil is often waterlogged, is a suitable climate for the dwarf pine, grasses and peat moss. The highest areas of the mountains, covered in stone, are good enough for grass tufts, mosses and lichens. Above all of this there is the mighty pyramid-shaped landmark of Mount Snezka, modelled by glaciers in the last glacial epoch. Route: T.G.M. Square in Vrchlabi © - take Krkonosska Street to the north towards Spindleruv Mlyn, Horska Street, Strazne village © - follow track 1A and the red-marked tourist path, Hribeci chalets - stay on track 1A, Predni Rennerovky chalets, Zadni Rennerovky chalets, ‘Chalupa na rozcesti’ chalet ©, Vyrovka chalet ©, Richterovy chalets, Pec pod Snezkou © - leave track 1A by turning right onto the blue-marked tourist path opposite the Krokus hotel towards Velka Upa, Velka Upa © - turn onto track 23 and the green-marked tourist path near the Javori mlyn hotel, Vlasske chalets - leave track 23 for Thamovy chalets on the green-marked tourist path, continue along the cycling track through Vlasske uboci to “Vaclavak” - take track 1B to the ‘Pod Kolinskou boudou’ junction, Kolinska chalet ©, Mir chalet ©, Tetrevi chalets ©, Zlate navrsi hill, Na Vysince intersection and turn onto track 1C approx. 1 km after Hanapetrova Paseka, Dolni Dvur (roadway), Horni Lanov - turn left off the main road - follow the blue-marked cycling track and the asphalt road (i.e. do not turn left onto the cycling track), join the main road in Horejsi Vrchlabi and descend to the centre of Vrchlabi. The track is 62 km long and runs along asphalt, reinforced and solid roads.