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Cycling Trip to Poland

Cycling Trip to Poland
Na kole do Polska Na kole do Polska 2 Na kole do Polska 3
Krkonošská 8, 543 01 Vrchlabí
Phone: +420 499 405 744
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Take a cyclo-bus to Spindlerova chalet, take the steep descent to Poland to the crossroads near the car park some 4 m away and turn right onto international cycling track ER-2 (the markings can be seen on trees and poles as a green cyclist pictogram with the letters ER-2). Continue down the Droga Sudecka road to Borowice, which you pass by on the right. Ride past Borowickie Skalki and turn right. At the nearest crossroads, some 1.5 km away, turn right towards Karpacz Gorny (Wang church). Continue on the ER-2 past the large hotel premises and cross the Lomnice brook. Pass by Ksieza Gora on the right and continue past the Western City towards Krzaczyn, a part of Kowary. Do not ride into the town centre but continue on the ER-2 via Jedlinky and Glaz pamiatkowy. Take the Zolta Droga road above Gorne Kowary (Park Miniatur, radon spa, mine shafts 2 km long with a 100 m gradient). Continue to ascend on the ER-2 to the main roadway for Pomezni Boudy. Turn right and ascend to Pomezni Boudy - Horni Mala Upa. The track is 32 km long.